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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

juz back frm band.
man.things are goin bad.
band is gettin borin`
im losing interest in band
im losing interest in everyting.
ever restless.
seriously think i haf sum attitude prob.
hahahaa..well.i duno.
hey ppl.
update! haha.
rolling off.bye.


Saturday, July 10, 2004

banddd on sat
burns the whole day!
2 words--> SHEER BORDOM!
no chelsea = no band

Cheryl \\*


Monday, July 05, 2004

cheryl!!!our tagboard missing!!!!ahhh!!!!oh man..n my entry showed up..ahaha..e template is in a mess too..u noe e tagboard code ritez??if anything u 1 me do...tell me..haha..bye..


Sunday, July 04, 2004

u 2...made me cry reading ur entries..im not leaving 4ever..i'll b back..ehz..i dun noe wat else 2 say..than..i'lll really miss u 2..never in my life has anyone left such an impression in me..i dun have 2 try 2 remember u guys..e brains cells has already done it 4 me..i juz have 2 keep ppl frm knocking my head..so i can have tat memory stay..i always thought happy memories only dwell in dreams..im glad u 2 r not my dreams..because if tats e case..there would b no point dwelling on happy dreams..its e happiness in life tat we want..true hard facts r never easy 2 accept...but lyk u 2 said..some things u juz have 2 let go..yepz..leaving u 2..its juz god's plan..but..i believe tat god would exchange it 4 sumthing much bigger n happier..so..lets juz let god do e thinking..haha..we'll love each other more..yepz..tats it then..i love u 2!!

|chelsea^says SMILE..| laughter!!


now, this is the last of everything.
the last moment of joy,
the last moment of having chelsea as a senior in band.
the CHIJMES concert has indeed marked the end.
WHY IS IT ENDING SO QUICKLY?!?! i haven had enough!i haven had enough of playing with u two,
haven had enough gossiping with u two,
haven had enough sharing with u two,
most importantly, having the bond, friendship and love with u two!
WHY IS TIME PASSING SO QUICKLY!!!well, i questioned myself loads, ever since the day of pop,
why muz chelsea b a sec4! why muz she leave now! why cant she remain a sec3 forever! why muz she pass out! why muz she leave our section all alone with me and sharon. WHY!
i got the answer.[ tian xia you bu shan zhi yan xi]
yes, things ought to haf an end.
i seriously, from the bottom of my heart and soul DO NOT want chelsea to leave! it pains us at the moment we got to the fact that ure leaving us! pains me when i had to leave at chijmes, knowing that will b our last goodbye...

juz before we left for chijmes, in the band room, u handed the pink hippo to us. at that instant, i reali was at a loss for words. the moment sharon led down her first tear, i knew this was reali the end, this hippo was here to bid us goodbye. i could sense it! i had that feeling! i dun noe why! all the memories we had could neva be expressed within that saturday. i also didnt like the hugging part, the part which broke me down. the hugs also meant the last of everyting..

these 3 years has beeen my honour and luck to haf chelsea as my senior, and sharon as my lil junior. i wuldnt haf lived in band till this day without the both of yoo. i wuldnt b wad i am now.
i will neva forget all the wonderful memories we had in the pass years, ever since my first words to u two.ive left an empty space in my mind,which will be reserved for all our memories we had. they will b stored deep in my mind.i shall get punished if i ever forget them! but i WUN! u guys left the best memories in my life. my most joyful memories were oso left by u. and u two shared the pain i had when i injured my leg the other time. dats my gratitude to the both of u. u were there when i needed u the most! thanx sharon for visiting me, thanks chelsea for ur endless encouraging SMSes..my days of laughter and lameness were oso cultivated by u two. u two made me whole!

now, that hippo is housing at the lil corner at my bed. it is housing with me when i sleep..since we wun b meeting and tokin to each other as often, i guess i will pout all my feeelings to tat hippo! ooh..ive named it [chelseeee] haha..yepp..my chelseee hippo. that is the most wonderful, precious, meaningful gift ever! if a fire wuld ever occur to my house, the first ting i'l save is myself and the hippo...if possible other stuf.but hippo is first priority! and if i lose my memory one day, i'l probably kill myself..i cant afford to lose these memories, the best memories of my lifetime! although chelsea has passed out, i hope the both of u will continue creating new memories to contribue to my mind.haha.. and sharon, juz to let u noe, i'l definately b there to give u my support. now, i guess its time for me to work hard with sharon in band, and create a wonderful history in our euphonium section and pass down the rules and tradtion to our future ambassadors!!!

yes, this is about all i want to say..THANKS LOADSSSS to the both of u! a last phrase to the both of u..




Saturday, July 03, 2004

harlo..i am finally here again..for the second time..sorry for not updating ok..haha..ok..todaes CHIJMES performance was really great..sorry chelsea..for not goin back to school after the performance..but juz being curious..wat was the surprise in school??haha..

wah lao..chelsea!!juz readin ur last blog makesme cry..can u please don go..also..thanks for the hippo that u gave today..i will hug it all nite and day if i could..and remember all the times we spent together..time really passes very quickly..i am realli grateful for all the days we three have spent together..cant imagine my life without u two..i feel that of all my friends..u two were my best and will forever be my best..i could talk to both of u about almost anything and everything..u two were my life!!i am realli sorry if i were too serious the last time..really regreted it..hope u two don mind..u two were not my seniors but my sisters..next year when cheryl leaves..i dont noe wat i will do..maybe i will die??so both of u betta come back and gimme the support i need ok??really don wan both of u to leave so soon..life without u two will really suck!!if i could..i really want to go back into time..wind back the clock..but wad can i do??nothing rite..wad to do..people have to give things up sometimes rite??..please do come back ok??..next year cheryl and chelsea..this year also..cheryl and i really need ur support..i really realli cherish both of u..my two greatest sisters!!i cannot write anymore otherwise i will cry!!

so for now..i will have to say goodbye..but i still have something to say..

i really love u two guys..u were really my number one
that hi5 song was specially made and dedicated to both of u ok..

i realli have o go now..but i promise to come back and post another blog asap ok??..juz writin this makes me cry u noe..

i LOVE u chelsea and cheryl!!

lotsa love with showers of luck and love from god and me!!

signing off..
ur boiboi forever..sharon..love ya..

*feel that all this is a prayer for chelsea and cherly..so i have to say "amen"..


Tuesday, June 29, 2004

helloz!!!!im back again!!!this..i have 2 write..haha..hmm...2dae..pop..u 2 made me cry!!!!!no fair...2 think i was e one askin every1 dun cry..haha...still failed in e hands of u 2..love u two!!!well..i would have never asked 4 more than..sitting with u 2 during band practice..e thing tat also made me stay in band..i might b a pain in e ass most of e times..i realised tat..but i hope i didnt leave tat bad an impression..haha..i love u two!!!u guys...i can safely say..r e best of all my best buddies..goin through everything 2gether..playing around..u 2 r god-sent!!!!i can never thank god enough 4 this..hehez..if i were 2 b deaf tml..u 2 would still b e music of my life..if i were 2 go blind tml..i can never say how much i will miss ur faces..if i suddenly went stupid..i know u 2 would laugh..haha..n if i were 2 die tml..it would b my punishment 4 not saying this now.. i love u cheryl...i love u sharon...it would b my punishment not 2 cherish u 2..n of coz..i'll go 2 heaven n beg god 2 let u 2 lead LONG lives..n later cum join me!!!haha..

e tradition of our euphonium muz go on!!!laughter is our no1 rule!!no smilez..no gain..

shoutouts 2 my 2 darling juniors!!!!i love you!!
"ure my favorite person
ure my no1..
ure my no1..woo oo oo oo..
whenever we're 2gether,
we're having fun..
we're always having fun..woo oo oo..
coz ure my no1..

i dun 1 2 end this at all...but i have to...bye..
|chelsea^can never love cheryl n sharon more|thanx 4 e gifts..they r my prized possessions!!!


030889.3 humility. lp1

180490. 2grace. lp4




we the citizens of euphonies
pledge ourselves as one united section
regardless of rank, class or position
to build a cohesive section
based on laughter and lameness
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progess for our section

the rule book
-senior always sits at the left hand side while junior sits on the right.
-senior always plays the higher notes.
-senior always plays F while junior plays B flat when playing chords.
-junior always numbered 1 while senior numbered 2.

*the above rules are to be observed every band practice.*
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